Soccer can change the world (Part 1)

Before the close of 2011, I wanted to post some updates on projects profiled here on ‘Can Soccer Save the World’. These organizations are changing the world through soccer.

* Jeb Brovsky and Peace Pandemic: Their recent visit to India

* Hope Academy: Check out the fantastic year Hope Academy had in 2011. Read their 2011 Report.

* Passing Hope: A 2012 promotional video for their upcoming projects in Haiti

* JoLi Academy: A Christmas message from Joanne Lohman & Lianne Sanderson from JoLi Academy

* Soccer Without Borders: The Tiyya Foundation and Soccer Without Borders to Offer Refugee Youth Winter Soccer Camp in Anaheim, California

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

More updates will be posted before 2011 closes.

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