Peace Pandemic

Major League Soccer player Jeb Brovsky came up with the idea of Peace Pandemic while in college at Notre Dame University, where in majored in Peace Studies and Social Entrepreneurship.

Peace Pandemic uses the power of soccer/futbol as a powerful medium to connect children from all religious, socio-economic, ethnic backgrounds around the world.

The core of Peace Pandemic’s mission is to empower youth through peaceful action. They aim to alleviate social injustice and facilitate cross-cultural understanding. Peace Pandemic aspires to use sports to nurture youthful leaders by teaching principles of nonviolence, promotion of social justice and encouraging dialogue.

What they do:
Peace Pandemic soccer camps are for youth ages 8-18 and focus on four areas:
* Development of soccer skills/knowledge
* Development of nonviolent leadership skills
* Education on nonviolence and solving conflict peacefully
* Inspiring the leaders and peacemakers of tomorrow through sport

Where they work:
Peace Pandemic plans to organize camps in the United States as well as other sites around the world.

Why soccer?
Soccer can change the world for the better. It has the ability to bridge cultural, religious, racial and national differences. Peace Pandemic harnesses the power of soccer and creates opportunities for children worldwide to turn those bridges into understanding and friendships. Peace Pandemic believes soccer is a powerful tool that can be utilized for peacemaking.

Visit Peace Pandemic’s website to make a tax-deductible donation. Peace Pandemic also collects soccer equipment to take to their camps. To learn more about clothing/equipment donations, e-mail here.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Blog:
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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