Passing Hope

Passing Hope, Inc uses soccer as a way to provide help to socio-economically and/or physically challenged individuals in local, national, or global markets.

Passing Hope uses the following methods to make an impact:
– Youth sport clinics
– Adaptive sports
– Providing sports equipment and supplies
– Fundraisers, including auctions and golf tournaments
– Providing needed medical supplies (Crutches, prostethics, etc)

“Passing Hope uses the influence of the beautiful game to educate, motivate, and provide hope to socio-economic and/or physically challenged.”

* Haiti
–¬†Instrumental in the creation and selection of the 1st ever Haitian National Amputee Soccer Team.

– Provided Christmas Gifts, Sports Equipment, Clothing and Medical Supplies to Orphanages, Schools, and the team members of the Haiti Amputee Soccer Team.

– Orchestrated an unofficial match between Team Zaryen (a local amputee soccer team in Port-au-Prince) and the Haitian Amputee Soccer Team, which was covered by global media.

РAssisted in creating a showcase event in the National Stadium, in which the Haitian National Amputee Soccer Team, played Team Zaryen in front of a crowd of almost 10,000 spectators.  This was the first time that the Haitian government showcased any form of adaptive sport, including a nationwide television broadcast.

– Organizing, creating and implementing youth soccer clinics that will include educational components, including life lessons.

– Building amputee soccer programs, training coaches, and skills training for disabled athletes.

– Creating a therapeutic recreational program and facility, which would include soccer fields and other facilities for sports and disabled education and art training.

* United States
– Promoting the positive benefits of amputee soccer throughout the United States.

– Holding soccer clinics, as well as coaching and ref training for inner-city youth.

– Partnering with MLS Clubs to create youth soccer initiatives in their local markets.

Recent News:
Passing Hope announced a new partnership with the Eddie Pope Foundation. Read more about this exciting development for Passing Hope.

To donate to Passing Hope, please visit their Donations page. Passing Hope is also in need of people willing to donate airline miles.

Contact information:
– Website:
– Social media: Twitter, Facebook

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