Operation Pitch Invasion


Operation Pitch Invasion (OPI) was formed to build, revitalize and maintain soccer pitches throughout the Portland Metro area so players of all ages can enjoy playing soccer on high quality and safe playing fields.

OPI partners with the 107 Independent Supporters Trust and the Timbers Army. To understand how OPI became reality, be sure to read the Insider’s History to OPI.

See some of OPI’s projects from this past summer.

Where they work:

The Portland Metropolitan Area.

How to get involved:

OPI uses donated resources and volunteers from all across Portland to build and revitalize soccer fields throughout the area. They handle all the logistics and provide the necessary supplies. Volunteers just need to be willing to get down and dirty, as well as having a passion for making Portland a better place to live, work and play. Visit their Volunteer page to get on OPI’s general volunteer list.


OPI is run entirely by dedicated volunteers to ensure your donation goes into improving local soccer pitches and not administration.

To make a charitable tax-deductible gift, please visit OPI’s Donation page.

Contact information:
* Website: http://pitch-invasion.org
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook


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