One World Futbol Project

One World Futbol Project sells the Multi-Sport Ball that never goes flat through a “Give One, Get One” model and through direct sales to organizations using soccer for positive social change.

To make it possible for anyone, anywhere, in any community to play soccer with a ball that matches the endurance of the sport.

About the ball:
* Uniquely ultra-durable. Unlike any inflatable ball on the market, the One World Futbol requires no pump and will never go flat even if punctured. The ball is made using state-of-the-art technology that requires no stitching and is designed to have the same rebound characteristics as a traditional soccer ball. It’s the same size and weight as a standard soccer ball, but it can also be used for netball, volleyball, and many other games.

* All-terrain. The One World Futbol is ideal for any playing surface, not just grass or regulation soccer fields: indoors, on concrete, on blacktop, on grass, on a beach, on dirt, or even on a rocky field. The ball can withstand the harshest conditions without deflating.

* No child labor. Many traditional soccer balls are still stitched together by hand by children and adults working under deplorable conditions in Pakistan, China, and India. The One World Futbol is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology that does not require stitching.

How it works:
* Give One Get One: When you purchase a One World Futbol through their “Give One, Get One” program, they will donate a second ball to an organization working with deserving youth and communities around the world.

How to get involved:
* Buy one and give one
* Join the One World Futbol Project community and help spread the word to friends, family and neighbors

Make a contribution to the One World Futbol Foundation

Contact information:
* Website:
* Blog:
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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