New Dimensions Soccer

“We’re playing soccer, but we’re really celebrating diversity.”

New Dimensions Soccer is an outreach program serving the St. Louis community. Beginning in 2005 with 4 teams playing 4 v 4 soccer, New Dimensions has grown to 120 teams the following year, and continues to reach more children in the attempt to bring “the beautiful game” into their lives.

“Utilize soccer in a safe, fun environment to provide a healthy activity for children in underserved communities that also teaches life skills in the area of decision-making and conflict resolution.”

Why soccer?:
NDS offers several different soccer programs, but chiefly utilizes the Dutch 4 v 4 Soccer Method when possible. 4 v 4 Soccer has no referees so children work closely together to solve conflicts and to improve their communication skills. The NDS Method enhances children’s conflict resolution skills, problem-solving capabilities and communication skills.

The New Dimensions Soccer (NDS) Commitment:
* Building the character development of local youth
* Integrating immigrants into the community thru soccer
* Using sportsmanship to foster tolerance and understanding.

* 2011-12 Afterschool Program at Mason Elementary School
The program at Mason Elementary is available for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. There are over 30 children in the program participating in soccer drills, scrimmages and youth development activities. This program has a huge impact as the majority of Mason students are living in families struggling economically. Over 90% of Mason students participate in Free/Reduced School lunch program. Over 40% of Mason’s families are immigrants or refugees.

* Spring 8 v 8 League

* Summer Watermelon 4 v 4 League
A unique league enabling kids from all backgrounds play and learn together in a diverse and fun setting. Teams may be multi-age and/or co-ed. No scores or standings are kept. There is also no coaching during games. Proceeds from this league help support New Dimensions extracurricular programs for immigrant communities in St. Louis.

* Makana Memorial FA League for Middle School Boys & Girls
Named after the famous 19th Century Xhosa warrior who worked to unite his people against British oppression in South Africa. Makana died in imprisonment on Robben Island. Years later, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island. While there, Mandela and other political prisoners formed the Makana Football Association in honor of Makana. New Dimensions named their league after Makana to continue the tradition of uniting people through soccer.

* Outdoor Saturday Practice
Free from April to October, this program follows the principles of:
– “It’s not about winning, it’s about learning”
– “We’re playing soccer, but we’re really celebrating diversity.”
– “Let the game be the teacher.”

* Soccer Clothing & Equipment Outreach

* Scholarship Program

How to get involved:
New Dimensions Soccer is entirely run through local volunteers.
Volunteer Opportunities
Purchase watermelons for the kids participating in the Watermelon Summer League.
Monthly Snack Sponsorship

Opportunities to donate will be posted online soon. In the meantime, contact Tom Michler, Board President at: tmichler[at]newdimensionssoccer[dot]org

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Facebook

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