Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup was founded by Mel Young (a Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum) to use football as a way to end homelessness.

“To beat homelessness through football. There are one billion homeless people in the world today. Our vision is of a healthy confident world where everyone has a home.”

What they do:
* Uses football to energise homeless people to change their own lives while developing innovative, effective solutions to homelessness worldwide.

* Operates through a network of 70+ national partners to support football programs and social enterprise development.

* Works year-round running an annual, international football tournament (Homeless World Cup!) that unites teams of homeless people from countries around the globe.

Homeless World Cup:
- See what nations are involved in the Homeless World Cup
Women’s Tournament (Kenya won the 2011 HWC in Paris)
Watch all the games online
- 2012 HWC will be in Mexico City

Make a tax-deductible donation here.

Contact information:
– Website: www.homelessworldcup.org
– Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
– Documentary: Kicking It

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