HavServe’s Youth Soccer Program

The importance of soccer in the Haitian society and the game’s status as the country’s “favorite national pastime” make HavServe’s soccer and physical education programs effective tools for combating Haiti’s development challenges such as extreme poverty, conflict, HIV/AIDS, and for helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

HavServe’s Mission is to utilize volunteers to strive to meet the Millennium Development Goals in small towns and villages through community-led development and by empowering villagers with the education, training, and basic services necessary for them to play an ever-increasing role in determining their own futures.

Why soccer?
– Attract the participation of youth in their communities
– Mobilize community partners
– Build community alliances
– Bringing various communities together through inter-village events and championships
– Engage more youth in sports, especially girls getting involved often for the first time
– Promote a healthy lifestyle
– Prevent questionable behavior, such as alcohol and drug use and abuse, violence, and gang activities among children and youth.

What they do
– The project focuses on Haiti’s villages and plans to make tangible changes through rehabilitation of sport playgrounds.
– Provides disadvantaged children with the opportunity to play soccer as a part of the “right to play,” an opportunity they would not have had otherwise.
– Youth in the Soccer Program take part in workshops that raise their awareness of HIV/AIDS among youth.
– Providing soccer uniforms, shoes, balls, and other sports equipment to the Soccer Program.
– Recruiting international volunteers to train local Haitian coaches.
– Conducting workshops and training on soccer, preventable diseases, healthy living, youth leadership, and the 8 Millennium Development Goals.
– Raising funds to build safe soccer fields, to provide soccer nets and flags, and to supply Haitian soccer coaches with stipends.
– Donating Kits for Kidz and soccer balls to kids to encourage children to stay in school and earn the right to play.
– Providing sport supplies to participating schools.
– Offering free training by a HavServe volunteer to at least one local coach designated by each school.
– Offering volunteer training to one peer educator per school on preventable diseases.
– Offering incentives to children who remain in school and earn good grades.

How to get involved:
There are many ways for individuals and corporations to make a difference today through the Soccer Program:
– Forward this information to your company’s president or corporate giving officer.
– Organize a local collection of new or used soccer equipment or uniforms.
– Become a Volunteer Coach in Haiti for a week or two
– Volunteer to help build the “Field of Dream” soccer field.

– Make a financial contribution of any size via our secure funding website, see if your company will match
your funds https://www.firstgiving.com/teamhavserve/ProjectSoccer4Haiti
– Make a contribution through Kits for Kids

Contact information:
– Website: www.havserve.org/soccer.php
– Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
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