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Grassroot Soccer uses the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV.

Using the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to stop the spread of HIV, Grassroot Soccer is mobilizing to create an AIDS free generation. To achieve their mission, Grassroot Soccer continuously improves their innovative HIV prevention and life-skills curriculum, shares their program and concept effectively, and utilizes the popularity of soccer to increase their impact.

Why soccer?:
Soccer is an integral part of local cultures across the world. It is something so positive that it brings smiles to children’s faces even in the worst of circumstances. In most places simply arriving at a field with a soccer ball will win you instant friendships and immediate access into a local community

Skillz Curriculum:
Skillz is a culture, mindset, and toolkit for educators to use when teaching young people 12-18 about HIV and AIDS and life skills. Skillz creates simple but powerful connections between soccer (sport) and life skills. The Skillz approach helps young people engage in relevant and important discussions about life, take small steps to achieve their goals, are resilient when faced with challenges, and protect themselves and others from HIV and AIDS.

Where they work:
Grassroot Soccer maintains ongoing direct programs in the following countries:
* South Africa
* Zambia
* Zimbabwe

Grassroot Soccer also provides implementing partners with the GRS curriculum, technical assistance, and systems for monitoring and evaluation.

How to get involved:
* Join the team
Donate now
Become a GRS intern
Hold an INSPI(RED) 3v3 Soccer Tournament
Support the GRS New York City Marathon team
Show your support
Corporate sponsorship

Make a tax-deductible donation to Grassroot Soccer

Contact information:
* Website:
* Contact the Grassroot Soccer team
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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