Gonzo Soccer Girls Leadership Academy

Gonzo Soccer is a soccer and leadership academy developed by professional soccer player and Mexican National Team member, Monica Gonzalez.

Gonzo Soccer aims to have a significant and sustainable impact in the lives of young girls by focusing on three developmental areas: health, academics and personal growth.

Growing the sport of women’s soccer means making it more accessible. Gonzo Soccer believes in removing barriers in order to provide equal opportunities for girls to enjoy a fun, safe environment to play, receive academic assistance, interact with positive female role models and learn valuable life skills which will further girls’ soccer and academic careers.

Where they work:
Chicago and Mexico

What they do:

Gonzo Soccer implements a year-round (2x a week for 3 hours/session) soccer and leadership academy for at-risk girls ages 8-16 from underserved communities in Chicago. Attendees receive soccer and life skills training from top female coaches which helps improve health and fitness, academic achievement and personal development.

Here’s a look at how Gonzo Soccer works:
* Improve physical fitness health and technical skills
– Through participation in challenging and engaging training sessions
– Program coaches are all licensed and premiere female soccer players who serve as ideal role models.

* Academic Assistance
– Provide 1-2 hours of personal tutoring a week
– Help girls with financial aid and scholarships to attend private high schools, participate on top soccer teams and eventually earn a scholarship for college

* Personal Growth
– Life skills curriculum
– Parent seminars
– Field trips to soccer matches, college campuses and other events to promote teammate bonding and motivation.

Make a tax-deductible donation through Gonzo Soccer’s First Giving Page

Contact information:
* Website: www.gonzosoccer.org
* E-mail: monica[at]gonzosoccer[dot]org
* Blog: http://gonzosoccer.wordpress.com
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

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