Girls & Football SA

Due to the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and violence against girls and women, Girls & Football SA was inspired to use football as a vehicle for educating, empowering and equipping girls with a strong sense of body ownership and self-esteem.

To involve the local and global community by encouraging sport as a developmental tool for girls and by raising awareness about important issues that influence the lives of girls in South Africa.

Project Goals & Philosophy:
Girls & Football SA is an award-winning initiative that encourages the development of girls and young women in South Africa through sport, media and education.

* To give a voice to female football players in South Africa and provide them the opportunity to share their love of the game as well as the hardships they encountered as female athletes.

* To promote awareness about how sport can be a positive influence on the development of young girls and women in South Africa.

* To celebrate the power of football to unite, strength and develop communities.

* To inspire body ownership, strength and self-esteem for girls in South Africa.

Why soccer?:
Soccer is an effective tool for development for several reasons:

* Participating in sports encourages a healthy body image and body ownership (two important factors lacking in regard to the social development of girls in South Africa)

* Sports helps fuel self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment as well as being important for mental and physical development.

* Sports encourages teamwork, determination and a collaborative environment for teammates to support each other.

* Sports also provides a platform for exploring important issues such as HIV/AIDS, a girls’ right to say no, issues regarding sexuality and other challenges young girls and women face.

What they do:
Girls & Football SA conducts workshops combining life skills training and football to empower girls at a grassroots level. By linking participants with strong role models such as the players on the South Africa national women’s team, they are inspired to build a better future. Participants are also provided with important health information.

Make a donation to Girls & Football SA through their Global Giving page.

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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