FONDAPS (Foundation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help)

Patrice Millet (nominated for CNN Heroes) FONDAPS in 2007, a  non-profit organization based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to use soccer as a way of educating children from various neighborhoods near the capital.

FONDAPS mission is “Education through sports.” The foundation aims to enable youth in the program to get to know each other, share their lives and learn through sports.

Why soccer?:
Soccer teaches fair play, teamwork, respect for coaches and opponents and FONDAPS believes these principles can transcend into values such as good citizenship, respect for others and love for one another. As Millet says, “In soccer … you need to give, you need to receive, you need team spirit, discipline, sportsmanship. … It’s not all about soccer, it’s about life.”

Where they work:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

What they do:
* Provides sports training and civic education to all members
* Subsidize the education for the majority of children who are involved in the programs
* Provides (through partners such as Food For The Poor, FES Food, Deka Group and others) food aid and clothing
* Provides safe facilities for FONDAPS to play soccer
* Organizes soccer tournaments and championships
* Post-Earthquake relief (tents, mattresses, food)
* Offers paid work to FONDAPS coaches, which allows them to support their own families

FONDAPS accepts all forms of donations. To make a donation, contact FONDAPS by e-mail: patricemillet[at]yahoo[dot]com.

You can also make a donation via FONDAPS partner organization, Children on the Edge. 100% of all donations goes to the work of FONDAPS in Haiti

Contact information:
* Website:
* E-mail: patricemillet[at]yahoo[dot]com
* Facebook

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