Darfur United

Darfur United is using soccer to build awareness of the displacement of over 3,000,000 people.

1.) Build a Darfur United soccer team consisting of the best players from the twelve refugee camps in eastern Chad to participate in an international tournament.

2.) Share the story of building the team to raise awareness and educate people about the tragic situation in Darfur and the refugee experience.

3.) Facilitate ongoing support for education, sports, nutrition, and other services through relationships between refugees and global citizens.

Why Soccer?
* In the Darfuri refugee camps, soccer is a way of life.
* By building a team, it gives Darfuris an opportunity to cheer for their own.
* Soccer is a way to encourage youth to be strong in both mind and body.
* Education and soccer can combine to help in rebuilding Darfur.

Here’s more about the impact of soccer from Darfur United:

Visit Darfur United’s IndieGoGo page to learn more about the project and to make a donation.

Contact information:
* Website: www.iactivism.org/our-work/darfur-united/
* Indie GoGo Page: www.indiegogo.com/Darfur-United
* Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

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