Compton United

Compton United Soccer Club was created to fill the need for a quality youth soccer program in the inner city of Compton, CA.

The program uses 5 phases of development: Athletic Development, Academic Development, Character Development, Leadership Development, Community Development as a model of Soccer for Social Change.

Mission/Philosophy (from Compton United website):
“Through the sport of soccer and the resources of US Soccer, develop a new generation of leaders who excel in all aspects of life: mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally, to ultimately help develop our community into a model of social, economic and spiritual transformation.”

What they do:
* Soccer Programs:
– U.S Soccer Competitive Club Teams
– Youth Developmental/Recreational Teams
– Futsal Teams/Indoor Futsal Recreational League
– Currently in the planning stages of creating the Compton United Youth Soccer Academy

* Soccer Leadership Programs:
– Tutoring
– Crash Elite Leadership Mentoring Program
– Urban Soccer Leadership Academy
– Urban Soccer Collaborative National Leadership Soccer Camp
– International Youth Leadership Soccer Trips

* Community Development
– Projects involved in building pitches in Compton

Why soccer:
* Everyone deserves a chance to play soccer.
* U.S Soccer has been missing out on talented Latino players because they are missing out on partnership opportunities with independent Latino leagues.
* Soccer can play a much bigger and more significant role in race relations.
* Soccer is played worldwide and can be a platform for leadership and community development.

How to get involved:
* Volunteer: Coaches, managers, referees and mentors
* Service: Printers, webmaster, translators, fundraisers, sponsorship developers, grant writers
* Financial needs: Club sponsors, player sponsors, business partners, field development assistance and equipment donations

To donate your time, skills or generosity please call or email
To make a tax-deductible donation, visit here

Contact information:
* Website:
* Social media: Facebook, Twitter

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