Balls Without Borders

Balls Without Borders (BWB) is an international humanitarian organization which delivers soccer balls to children affected by armed conflict and natural or man-made disasters, and in doing so bears witness publicly to the plight of the people they serve.

“To provide play therapy and connect cultures through sports.”

Where they work:
* Iraq-Afghanistan
* Iraq-Jordan refugee camp
* Halabja, Iraq
* Afghanistan
* Africa

Why soccer?:
BWB distributes soccer balls to refugee camps and areas affected by armed conflict throughout the world.

BWB’s work fulfills three goals:
– Play Therapy for children growing up in refugee camps, war-torn regions, and areas affected by natural disaster. Play Therapy is the first step in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children.
– Involving US teams and individuals in the donation process creates an avenue for cultural awareness through the common language of soccer.
– Just as the World Cup was created in 1930 to bring nations together under a diplomatic umbrella after World War I, BWB hopes to create an avenue for peace by transcending differences in culture, socio-economic standing, or any other barriers that are forgotten when people find a common ground in physical activity.

How to get involved:
* Buy a t-shirt: For every shirt sale, a ball will be donated to a child in need.
* Periodically, BWB accepts donations of new and used soccer balls, air pumps and air needles. If you have a new or used ball you would like to donate, please contact BWB at: info[at]ballswithoutborders[dot]com.

* Individual donations:
$10 – Sends one ball to a child in Iraq or Afghanistan
$25 – Sends one ball to a child in a refugee camp
$35 – Sends one ball to a child growing up in a remote location in a 3rd-world country

* Membership plans:
Individual ($50)
Family ($100)
Team ($200 and 10 soccer balls/year)

All members will receive photos of the shipment of balls being received. Make your donation today.

Contact information: 
– Website:
– Social media: Facebook

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